A FRIEND:  one attached to another by affection,

                                                                  a favored companion

Everyone needs a friend whether they admit it or not.  Someone to be there with you through troubled times.  Someone to talk to.

A person whose presence you can feel there with you.  You don't need to be able to see this person, and I am not talking about using your imagination.  

The person I am talking about is as real as you.  You are real. Right?   Take a look in a mirror.  The life and spirit that is in you is very real.   

What happens to this spirit when you die? Don't stop reading because I said the word "die".  It will happen whether you face it or not.

Do you think this life in you will end when you die?   Then you have about as much hope and faith as a rock.    

It has to be more to life than: being born, live briefly, die, the end.   

Our small minds can't comprehend” forever” But then again our minds can't comprehend a lot of things right in front of us.

Computers, the universe, life itself, and so on.  It's the same way with this friend I'm telling you

about.  He is very real, even though you can't see Him or comprehend His existence.

To have this friend all you have to do is ask.  You don't have to go to church, you don't have to

be perfect, or even come close to being perfect.

Please don't stop reading when I tell you His name: JESUS.  Once you accept Jesus as your friend your life will change.  

Your circumstances may or may not change, but your life on the inside will. You will be able to face challenges and problems that you could not face before.  Your attitude toward life will change for the better.


 You can be happy and positive no matter what your circumstances.  There will still be times when you may feel down, but not near as often.  That comes from being part of the human race.         

 Also because of being human you will still sin from time to time, but not as often.  Only now, with Jesus in your life you can be forgiven of your sins if you will just ask Him.  You can't keep sinning without being punished or asking for forgiveness.   You will continue to sin because that is part of being human.  

 But after accepting Jesus into your life you can be forgiven. You don't have to become a religious fanatic, go to church every Sunday or be perfect.  We are human and we can't be perfect, even after accepting Christ.  God knows this.


Once you accept Jesus into your heart, He will be there forever.  You will be guaranteed to live forever.  This physical body will die one day.  The spirit in you will leave this earthly body one day and you will be present with the Lord forever.


 If you don't accept Him, you will still live forever, but it will be in eternal torment, separated from God forever.  It is your choice. Please don' put it off. I'm sure you have known friends who have died at an early age.  It could happen to you.  


 To accept Christ is very simple. Just pray the following prayer and mean it from your heart.

                                          PRAY  THIS  PRAYER


       Heavenly Father, I have sinned against You.  I am not worthy of your salvation.  I am asking you to forgive me of my sins.  I do believe that you sent your Son Jesus to die on the cross.  I do believe what the Bible says.  He died for my sins.

     Father, I here and now receive Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.  I accept Your forgiveness for my sins.  I surrender my life to You.  Amen

    If you pray this prayer and mean it, you are just as saved as anyone who has ever lived and you will begin a brand new life. Now and forever you are a child of God.  You don't become a child of God because of any thing you do.  This is provided by the Cross and the grace of God.

     You may or may not have deep emotional feelings right now, but don't worry about that.  Sometimes the feelings come immediately and other times they come later.

   The main things are:

    1. To pray this prayer and mean it

      2. Find a good Christian church and attend it

    3. Be baptized                                                                                         click here    

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